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When did you last give your mind, body and soul your full awareness?
I know for me, I use to put self-care as a last priority. It wasn’t until recently I made a commitment to focus on me and do something for myself, by myself for at least 15 minutes each day.
I find the more I do this simple thing, the happier and the more content I feel. I like to call it my 'me time'.  And I think some 'me time' is critical for just about anyone with a bus lifestyle everyone. 

Studies show 15 minutes a day for your own self-care can be very rejuvenating and healing. Spending content quality time on your own can not only be therapeutic. It's also immensely good for you if you do it the right way. There should be no cell phones, no distractions, and there are three ways to spend these 15 minutes.
But first, there are two rules to this challenge:

#1: "Me time” is not watching an episode of your favourite TV show (that would be your leisure time). Your 'me time' should be focused on YOU by putting awareness on yourself.
#2: Your "me-time" activity should focus on one of these three things - your mind, body, or soul.
 A great way to strengthen the mind is to fill it with positive thoughts and things to feel grateful for.


Gratitude is a great way to feel more at ease and contentment before bed. A simple way to practice gratitude each day is to keep a gratitude journal. I use my Beauty Journal but a regular notebook will do just fine. I will often write down a paragraph of what I'm grateful for today in the nightly section of The Beauty Journal. When we practice gratitude daily, our concerns, anxieties, and insecurities become small and insignificant which makes getting a good night sleep more effortless. It only takes five minutes out of your day, and the benefits are well worth it.


Some nights filling your gratitude journal will be a breeze, other days the only thing you might be thankful for is that the day is over. That's okay too. Even on hard days, still write down at least 5 things you are grateful for.
I've included a list of 10 overlooked blessings to inspire you to get started...


    The Kindness Of Strangers
  ♥  Your Health, You're Health Of Those You Love
    The Ability To Breathe Easily
    Mother Nature's Ambiance  
(taking in the sunset, the sounds of raindrops outside, the sight of colourful autumn leaves, etc..)
  ♥ Trying Something New
  ♥ The Sacred Release After A Good Cry
  ♥ Getting to Hold Someone You Love
  ♥ Enjoying a Freshly Cooked Meal
(Unfortunately, almost half the world is not as lucky to have this daily.)
  ♥ Hearing The Voice Of Someone You Love
  ♥ A Fridge Stocked With Food To Eat
  ♥ Moving On



Exercise, walk, yoga, bubble bath, massage, facial. There are abundant ways you can nurture your body.

Just choose one.



When was the last time you were fully present?


When you have dinner with your family, are you on your phone checking messages or watching TV? Do you even sit at the same table together?


Also be aware of where your thoughts are. A lot of research has shown that people who spend most their time thinking of the past feel more emotional pain or even depressed, whereas people who constantly focus on the future experience more stress and anxiety.

We cannot change the past and we also cannot control what will happen in the future, the only thing we can fully control and have power over is this very moment. 

A simple shift of making it a habit to be fully conscious in the now, even for just 15 minutes a day, will begin to break those thought patterns of being non-present and enhance your gift of self-awareness.

A great way to do this is to spend at least 10 minutes meditating alone in a silent room. Or sitting silently in nature.


The Benefits:

Gets you in tune with your intuition.
Releases daily stress and anxiety.
Makes you feel happier.
Helps release self-sabotaging behaviours.
Makes you feel content again.


Drink a cup of tea or coffee on your front porch in silence...



Just take 15 minutes of full presence. And remember, meditation is not about having no thoughts, but being observant of your thoughts, and letting them go.

- So go ahead and take a walk in the park today, taking a moment to breathe in the fresh air, create a gratitude list and place it on your desk – every day add one more thing to that list.

It's simple, yet powerfully rewarding!


Care for yourself, and be kind to yourself, self-love doesn’t happen overnight, but when we put more focus on taking better care of ourselves, we begin to heal ourselves in many ways. And our whole world begins to change.

Because when you care for yourself better, you live better. And life gets happier for not just you, but for those around you.


You are a brilliant, beautiful, and extraordinary human being.

You deserve your own time and attention - body, mind and soul.


Today's Love Task: 

Spend 15 minutes caring for yourself today.


Start practicing love tasks daily with The Beauty Journal.

It's the simplest way to get you happier, thinking positive, and feel good every day.  




Much Love & Kindness,


Challenge Prize:
To receive a Free Gift at the end of this challenge post your self-love act in the comment box below.
Did you complete yesterdays challenge?
If you did, please share your act of kindness on the blog.


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October 10, 2017

Wow it’s like we’re thinking the same….today I actually tooktime out for myself. I took a long walk by myself. It was quite relaxing not having to worry about the kids or household chores. Think I’ll do this more often.


September 29, 2017

I do this often, especially after a difficult day at work. I name 3 things that I am grateful for in the moment. Then, I do a grounding exercise (usually a guided meditation or going to a safe place in my mind). so I challenged myself to name at least 20 things that I am grateful in the moment and 5 things that I feel like I am doing well today.


September 23, 2017

I Went for a swim by myself today. It was the perfect weather for it and I could see the sunset. So relaxing and calm. I realized I should be doing this more often.

Amber Chaney
Amber Chaney

July 11, 2017

First thing in the morning I laid there and thought to myself about my surroundings and the things happening in that very moment,focusing on what currently is going on and what Im feeling really helps relieve my stress and anxiety, therefor no migraines in the day! #loveyourself


July 11, 2017

Spent time with my journal adding pictures and little tokens of my travel RN job here 2000 more les away from home and family. Love be how it’s turning out, and now I will remember all the things I did at this assignment.

Sarah Chase
Sarah Chase

July 04, 2017

I spent an hour in my churches prayer room, reading notes other people had written and painting a picture. So refreshing.


July 04, 2017

I drove down to lakeshore and took our little boat out on the water before sunset. It was the most beautiful day and the perfect weather for it. I watched the sunset, on my own in silence and it was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate myself.

Monica B
Monica B

July 04, 2017

I took a walk down to the lake and reflected for 15 minutes today


July 04, 2017

I found an adult coloring book and spent 15 minutes unplugged and relaxing by coloring. I used to do that a lot when I was younger and had a great time being creative and just grew out of it. Now it’s my favorite escape instead of watching tv or being on social media.

Susan Stanton
Susan Stanton

July 04, 2017

I took a long walk by myself without my phone. I immersed myself in the scenery of my town.


July 03, 2017

A nice long hot bath without my phone. Focused on the blessings in my life

Corinne Calleri
Corinne Calleri

July 03, 2017

Today I spent 30 min sitting on my balcony enjoying the sun and listening to the birds chirp. The relaxation and serenity I felt just sitting having time for myself to enjoy everything around me was beautiful.

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