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5 Habits to a Healthier & Happier You

Healthy habits play a pivotal role in creating positive change in our lives and contributes to our overall wellbeing. Below is a list of tiny simple habits that will ignite your inner power and help you get rid of negative thought patterns and toxic emotions. 

Here are 5 important habits to create in your life today that will help you live a more fulfilling, joyful, and happier life. 


Start practicing simple & powerful love tasks daily with The Beauty Journal. It's the simplest way to get you happier, thinking positive, and feel good every day. 





1) Focus inward for a few minutes each day to find clarity. 

When we make time for silence and inner stillness we enter into a deep state of awareness and zen. It also helps awaken your intuition. So if you've been feeling a bit confused, uncertain or overwhelmed lately, take a few minutes today to just be present.

Here are ways to practice this:

1. Drink a hot cup of tea or coffee sitting in calm and silence, observe and appreciate the taste, noticing your senses as you slowly sip your drink. How does it make your taste buds feel? How does it make your body feel?  

2. Look out into nature and observe its natural beauty without distraction. Observing nature in silence naturally gravitates us into a state of awareness. Which is why it can feel like a meditation in itself. You'll instantly feel more calm and collect, and it's a great way to start your day in combination with practice #1.  

3. Sit-up straight and meditate in a quiet isolated room, paying attention to your breathing, as you breathe, appreciate every breath. 

4. Conduct a body scan. While lying down in bed, slowly scan your body from the top of your head down to soles of your feet. Observing any sensations that arise in certain areas of the body. If any sensations occur, stop your scan in the area of that sensation and notice how it feels, pay attention to the energy that arises in that area before continuing your scan down your body. When you reach the bottom of your feet work your way back up. This is known as a body scan meditation and it can help with getting better sleep. Try this free 30-minute scan for beginners. 

5. Use your Beauty Journal to self-reflect. Using the 5R's of Self-Reflection found on page 19, you can reflect on your day and use the R-Methods to discover ways to learn and grow from challenging days. Training your brain to see the good even on life's difficult days.


2) Gradually eliminate the excess

Over-consumption is directly related to stress and unhappiness. Having a negative effect on your health, wellbeing, relationships and even the planet. 

When we pay attention to the intention of consumerism we can notice that consumerism is usually fueled by feelings of lack and insecurity, and it's designed to feed our addictions and our ego instead of our soul.

I recently came across an article on Huffington Post that stated that "Research suggests that Americans' well-being has, if anything, declined since the 1950s, according to the American Psychological Association, while our consumption has only increased".

An even more interesting discovery in this article stated that "Research has shown that there is no direct correlation between income and happiness. Once our basic needs are met, wealth makes very little difference to one's overall well-being and happiness. And in fact, extremely wealthy people actually suffer from higher rates of depression."

So don't keep telling yourself that if you were rich, you would be happy. The most pivotal aspect of happiness is developing a deep sense of gratitude daily. Next time you notice yourself wanting more, shift your thoughts and focus on being grateful for all life's little blessings. If you need a reminder, you can find a list of overlooked blessings on page 15 of your beauty journal.

The good news is that Minimalism is a new trend that is quickly growing, as many people are finding this lifestyle helps them feel not only happier but more content. Minimalism doesn't necessarily mean you need to sell all your belongs and assets, "what Minimalism is really all about is reassessment of your priorities so that you can strip away the excess stuff—the possessions and ideas and relationships and activities—that don’t bring value to your life" (The Minimalist Blog). 

A new years resolution of mine this year was to create more & consume less. Instead of consuming I would spend most my time creating, whether that be blog writing, writing from my soul, painting, drawing, dancing, developing new relationships and skills are all what I consider activities of creation.

We are born creators. It's what lights a fire in our spirit. So whatever form of creation inspires you. Make some time to do it more often :)


3) Allow most things to simply be the way they are (live in a state of non-resistance)

Non-resistance basically means acceptance of all things, whether it be good or bad. Non-resistance silences the ego and awakens your higher-self.

When we accept things as they are, we don't have to experience anger or negativity. We can simply be at peace with the situation, and when we are at peace, we can find the solutions to our challenges much more easily.

I've developed a simple way to do this using a method I call the SOS technique, which means to Stop, Observe, and Surrender. I plan to dive deeper into this practice with you in another blog post, because it's such an important practice that can benefit your life and end your negative thought patterns in radical ways! 


4) Forget your big goals for a while and just focus on the small daily rituals that support them.

Goal setting is important but most of us get too caught up in them, we think that we need to achieve this or that to feel happy and successful. But this idea is a mind-made illusion. 

We live in a chaotically anxious world,obsessed with being ‘productive’ and checking off tasks on the daily to-do list in order to feel good and accomplished. As a result, we become stressedanxious, and outcome obsessed. Nonetheless, when we fall short of our goals we feel a sense of disappointment, unworthiness, and lack. We question ourselves and get trapped in negative emotions like fear, anger, guilt, shame, and judgment. 

We are hard on ourselves and tell ourselves we aren’t doing enough. That we aren’t disciplined enough, and that we need to work harder and harder in order to grow and succeed in life. Sometimes we burn-out, have a breakdown. OR BOTH. 

Sometimes we repeat the process, expecting a different result - the definition of INSANITY.

Living in the present will bring you more happiness than living for the future ever will. So take a moment to be grateful for the little things that happened today,because it's the little things that make life beautiful. A simple way to do this is by writing them down in your beauty journal every night.

It's designed to take you out of the mindset of lack, scarcity, and restlessness, and bring you into a state of love and gratitude daily. Because when we live in a state of loving awareness, our whole world shifts and transforms in our favour.

Life becomes more effortless, peaceful, joyful, and more meaningful. Our relationships improve and our self-worth and self-esteem enhances. 

Your perspective has the power to transform your life. 

Your thoughts have the power to transform your life. 

And the way you talk to yourself has the power to transform your life...

Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to shift our perspective from lack to love. When you become focused on the power of love and appreciation, life becomes more beautiful than ever. By taking just 5 minutes a day to write in your Beauty Journal you are training your mind to focus on the beauty in your life every day. 

When you live in a beautiful state, you can give so much more to the world every day.


5) Track what's going well and give thanks before bedtime

Focusing on what's going well, what you are grateful for, and what's beautiful about life is a great way to end your day on a positive note. Going to bed with negative energy stored in your body is the last thing you want as most of the bodies cleansing and healing is done overnight while you sleep. A great way to lift your vibration into a positive state is to write in your beauty journal before bed, it only takes 5 minutes out of your day but making this a daily practice can truly transform your state of mind, and might even help you sleep better!

Gratitude is the quickest and simplest way to get you present and get you feeling happy & abundant every day.

You breathe in... You breathe out... You breathe in... You breathe out....

We need oxygen to survive, but do you ever spend your days worrying that there isn't enough oxygen for you? 

Well of course not—air is abundant.

What if all of life is meant to be abundant?

What if spending more time being grateful for all life's blessing brought even more blessings to you. 

Our attitude and our mindset greatly influences our success. This is how life simply works, an abundant mindset works like a miracle in attracting more abundance to you. An abundance mentality flows out of a deep inner sense of self-worth and security. The key is to practice this mindset every day. So it becomes a daily habit.

The beauty journal is one of the simplest ways to cultivate this habit and practice gratitude daily. It's a gratitude, self-love, and memory journal all in one. If you haven't already, you can download a free PDF copy so you can start overcoming lack-mentality, and start cultivating an attitude of gratitude daily.

I hope you take a moment today to appreciate how great you are, how far you've come, and how much you've grown throughout your years. You are exactly where you need to be, and you are doing AMAZING...

And remember, beauty is a way of being, it's about being grateful, compassionate, and appreciative of the beauty found in the present moment.


Have a beautiful day.


 With Love & Gratitude, 


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Start practicing simple & powerful love tasks daily with The Beauty Journal. It's the simplest way to get you happier, thinking positive, and feel good every day. 





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February 18, 2019

I love your wording I love the way you make us connect to Wi-Fi on your souls I continue to go back-and-forth with it to always help me stay in certain aspects of my life when I feel negative I read your blog on a daily basis it does help me especially with the meditation and the words that you say it calms me down like you said you have to reprogram your conscious mind with good thoughts because I’m what’s causing my suffering and pain is not my circumstances I’m in but my thinking is what is causing my suffering so I’m going to change the story I’m telling myself I’m going to stay away from negative thoughts just like you said . Thank you. keep writing these messages

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