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5 Things to Let Go of in The New Year

Hello beautiful,

I hope you're having a fabulous start to the new decade! Most of us are very focused on our new-year resolutions right now, but it’s also the perfect time to focus on letting go of the old that's no longer serving us.

It's the perfect time to release any pain, worry or angerthat we are still holding onto, and it will only assist you in sticking to your resolutions this year...

Yes, resolutions are important, however before we focus on what we WANT this year, we first need to focus on what we need to RELEASE. Making space for the beautiful new DECADE that’s to come... 

Two things I'd like to commit to this year is gratitude and self-expression.

Although I am already a pretty grateful person, I do forget sometimes, and there is always room for more gratitude. Secondly, I would like to commit to writing more (it's one of my favourite ways of expressing myself) and so, starting this year, I've committed to making Inspiration Monday's a weeklynewsletter.

You can except weekly inspiration and guidance in your inbox every Monday. Scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe!

...What are your commitments this year? 

Comment on this blog post and let me know, expressing our resolutions/commitments to others makes you more likely to stick to them :)

With the new year upon us, it’s important to let go of any baggage that’s weighing us down and make space for the beauty that’s to come. So here are five things to let-go of in the coming new year, and what to replace them with to manifest more love, joy and abundance into your life.



Whenever we judge, we separate ourselves from love. It's no coincidence that some of the most famed spiritual teachers recite this

Love is the absence of judgment.
- Dalai Lama


"Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others."
- Wayne Dyer


"The way out of judgment begins when you witness the judgment without more judgment."
- Gabrielle Bernstein

Whenever you find yourself negatively judging a person, situation, or yourself this year, train your mind to release that negativity. Stop yourself, become aware that your judging, and simply release it. I'll explain a simple way to do this next week with an awareness technique I created called the SOS technique.

Don't hold on to negative energy. Raise yourself to a higher vibration by simply letting go of judgment.



In my opinion, 99% of the western world eats too much, buys too much, or engross themselves in meaningless content too much (magazines, social media, news, television, etc...). Before we know it we've developed a habit of using consumption as a way to distract ourselves from our own inner void. Never fully understanding what our 'feeling of lack' is trying to tell us because it feels much easier to use consumption as a way to distract ourselves from our fears, problems, and feelings of unease. We fill these feelings with food, stuff, content, and so on, avoiding the underlying problem by distracting ourselves from it.

Try this...

Instead of reading about self-love, try putting self-love into practice.

Instead of eating food to ease your anxiousness, why not take a time-out to get still and present when anxiety triggers you to overconsume? 

Instead of constantly learning about starting a business, why not take action and actually start creating something right now? 

Creation lies in the heart of stillness.When we take the time to breathe, meditate, and consume less. We open ourselves up to love, and life's answers and solutions start to reveal themselves to us through our  spaciousness.



This is something I find myself doing sometimes, fearing the unknown. Wondering, what if the worst happens? I came across an acronym for FEAR which is False Evidence Appearing Real. We are fearing something that hasn't happened yet, and may not happen at all. When we live in fear mode, we are living in the future instead of the now, and we're forecasting our future with negative expectations.

What if you let-go of all your fears? What would you be doing right now? What would you create? What would you be driven to start? Our purpose in life become so much clearer when we let-go of our fears. Deep down, we know what we want, or at least know the next step to take when we remove fear from the equation.  

So ask yourself, if fear didn't exist: 

What would you be doing right now?

What would you create?

What would you be driven to start right now? 

The answer you receive is the thing that you need to start DOING.

Trust the process, trust that you are being infinitely supported and guided by the universe, and know that every journey starts with a single step. With the new year upon us, NOW is a great time to take that first step. 



Stop struggling to be where you want to be and just enjoy the journey. When you learn to love the process of what you are doing and stop focusing so much on the goal, you automatically find happiness while staying driven.

Sometimes it can feel like life is working against you rather than for you, when life feels this way it's usually a sign to shift your state of consciousness. Perhaps you are pushing something to happen that isn't right for you, perhaps you are living in the past or future instead of the present moment, perhaps you are identifying yourself as a victim instead of empowering yourself by shifting your thoughts out of negativity, perhaps you are ignoring the signs the universe is giving you. All these are forms of resistance. When we accept what unfolds in our life with grace, the struggle and anxiety ends. Accept 'what is', find grace in the present moment, and watch the beauty that starts to unfold.

In next week's post, I'll explain how to do this using a simple surrender technique you can easily implement into your daily life.



The new year is typically a time when everyone gets super focused on results and expectations.  Be open-minded to how things unfold. Let go of the need to control an outcome, a circumstance, or even people for that matter.

Although having a goal in mind is important, be open-minded to how that goal unfolds, sometimes life has something planned for us much greater than we ever could have imagined, but we just can't see it through our limited expectations.

If you’re ready to have some positive guidance in your life, develop a grateful mindset, be more compassionate, and focus on the good in your life, The Beauty Journal is the perfect way to start your new year off right. It's the simplest way to be happier, think positive & feel good every day. Shifting your perceptive out of lack and into abundance.

Wishing you peace, joy and happiness throughout the holidays and the coming year. 


With love & gratitude, 

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Shelley Steele

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I’m so grateful that you decided to do a newsletter!!!!

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