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Cherish The Little Things...

When was the last time you wrote down the little moments that make life beautiful?

There's so much beauty in our world that goes forgotten. 
There’s so much beauty in our world that goes unappreciated, and I know that if we took just a few minutes each day to recognize and focus on those ‘little things’, those small but beautiful moments. Our life would feel so much more full and meaningful.

Human beings have a natural tendency to forget things, most of the time we can’t even recall specific things that happen to us. Unfortunately, this can happen to our most beautiful memories.

After a period of time, beautiful moments in our life can easily slip from our minds, become hazy, or go completely forgotten. The good news is that years from now, when you go back and read your beauty journal, you’ll create a trigger in your brains memory, allowing you to easily recall each beautiful moment and remember them all as if it happened yesterday.

So, here is your reminder to marvel at the small moments, & enjoy the little things, because life is so beautiful when you really look...

The Beauty Journal is the perfect way to be grateful for all of life’s little beautiful blessings. It’s a wonderful way to look back on your life and see how much you’ve grown, changed, and developed into the person you are today. 

You’ll not only be appreciating the ‘little things’ more often, but you’ll also be….

  • Making gratitude a daily habit
  • Becoming more present on a daily basis
  • Creating deeper connections with yourself and with others
  • Shifting your perspective from lack to love.
  • Replacing that critical voice in your head with a positive one...

This shift in perspective creates space for your higher self to shine. 

Words have the power to uplift, transform, and inspire you and those around you. Allow yourself to feel the energy of each daily quote, love task, and in every word you write down in your beauty journal… Allow yourself to receive their inspiration, guidance, and realizations.

QUICK TIP: I suggest leaving your beauty journal by your nightstand as it makes it so easy to write in it both morning & night. 😊

When you practice this daily, feelings of lack, restlessness, and unworthiness start to fade. You’ll begin to live life from the space of peace, presence, and compassion. You'll realize how blessed you are, and how beautiful life really is. When you become focused on the power of love and appreciation, life becomes more beautiful than ever. When you focus living in a beautiful state, you can give so much more to the world every day. 

Because life really is so beautiful when we appreciate the little things.

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