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A while back, I came across a video by Shea Glover. She went around her neighborhood telling people she thought they were beautiful. It was beautiful to watch and witness the raw authentic expressions given by her classmates and peers as she stopped them dead in their tracks to tell them that they were beautiful. This powerful and bold statement left the people she interviewed feeling surprised, special and flushed with emotion. And it made me question a few things: 

1. Do most people consider themselves beautiful?

2. How often do we tell the people we love that they're beautiful?

And lastly,

3. Should we tell each other that we're beautiful more often?

Me, my sister, and my friend Cindy grabbed a camera and walked around the streets of Toronto, Mississauga & Oakville to find out.

Here's what we discovered: 


Women Automatically Relate Beauty To Aesthetics

(until you ask them this...)

 The very first question we asked women was "do you think you're beautiful?"... when we asked "why?"

Every single woman mentioned something about their looks, aesthetics and physical appearance. None of them began to talk about their internal beauty until we shifted the conversation and asked them another question.

"What makes a beautiful person?"

The answers we received immediately shifted from external aspects to more internal aspects, like personality traits, how you treat others, and being a good person. 

That made me wonder... why is it that what we 'think' is beautiful and what actually 'makes' us beautiful different? 

Does our 'thinking' (our judgments) get in the way of seeing the 'being' (our essence) of beauty every day? 

And how can we silence our judgments so we can switch our perception of beauty in this way?

I've decided to dedicate this blog to unraveling this question, one beautiful blog post at a time.

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The Way We Feel About Our Beauty Continually Changes

Most woman said that feeling beautiful relies on all sorts of shifting factors.

They said feeling beautiful really "depends on the day"; their mood, and how they're feeling that day. Therefore, the perception of our beauty is never stable. We may feel beautiful one day and not beautiful at all the next.

I also realized that seeing ourselves as beautiful is directly affected by how people treat us, how much time you make for self-care, and what sort of compliments or comments people give you each day, along with our daily life experiences.

So even if you aren't feeling beautiful at this moment, just remember that each day feels different from the next. That's why it's really important to have reminders close by. Whether that be a sentimental gift we received or inspiring words close by to read that can uplift us, or just having someone around you who always boosts your self-esteem. Having beautiful reminders in close proximity sets off triggers in our brain that 'lift us up' and remind us of our beauty & worth.


We All Have An Inner Critic

Throughout the video, we interviewed dozens of women, many said that they consider themselves beautiful and others said that no they did not, not really, or not very often. We discovered that even the woman who considered themselves beautiful still had a daily inner critic that criticizes them in the mirror. 

So how do we silence this inner critic?

We'll get to that next.


It Always Feels Good To Be Told We're Beautiful

Woman all agreed that being called 'beautiful' is definitely something we should do more often. And that being called 'beautiful' makes them feel beautiful, happy, and uplifted, along with many other positive feelings.

We quickly realized one special thing - being called beautiful is a great way to make someone smile. Make someone happy. And is quite frankly, one of the simplest things you can do to brighten someone's day.

Every woman we interviewed felt we should acknowledge each other's beauty more often, and remind each other that we're beautiful when we see it (in a true authentic form). And that reminding each other that we're beautiful is something we all can do more often.

 As I began watching all the interviews of the beautiful women we talked too, I realized something pretty extraordinary.


Vulnerability is BEAUTY

Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is a sign of courage, honesty, and strength. There is so much beauty in being vulnerable, in being honest and sincere and open with one another. 

It was the sheer raw vulnerability and authentic expression I saw in each woman we interviewed that made editing this video so beautiful. It was so inspiring to watch women be real, honest, courageous and sincere on camera. Whether old or young, makeup or no makeup.

And well, it got me thinking...

In a world that manipulates our perception of what it means to be beautiful. How can we change the way we perceive beauty and realize that beauty always lies inside us?


Coming to these five realizations was HUGE but it's just the start of this journey. 

I want to remind woman everywhere that they are beautiful just the way they are.  And realize that what makes us beautiful really is from within.

I invite you to join us by participating in our free Love & Connection Challenge. And by reminding someone today that they are beautiful.


Because whether it be a mother, daughter, sister, wife, or friend.

Every woman deserves a reminder of how beautiful she is.


Happy International Women's Day!

With Love, 


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