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How To Use Your Beauty Journal

Now that you've got your free Beauty Journal Starter-Kit I'd like to show you how to implement this new habit in your life. Make sure you’ve printed your Beauty Journal PDF (or have a hardcover journal) and follow these simple steps below.

Every morning when you wake up, grab your Beauty Journal from your nightstand and complete this morning manifestation exercise


Morning Manifestation Exercise...
#1 Put LOVE first daily.
Read & commit to your daily love task. 

These are very simple tasks such as performing an act of kindness, smiling at everyone you meet, complimenting others, practicing non-judgment… etc... 

Each day you’ll have a new love task to complete, because  a simple loving act can completely transform our day and the day of others...

#2 Set a positive intention for your day.

When you answer the question ‘What will I do to make today beautiful?’ you are actually setting a positive intention for your day. 

This is such a powerful practice, because when we set an intention we ask the universe to manifest this into our reality today... 

And by starting your intention with “I will” you are literally setting the foundation to make it happen!

Here’s an example: 

What will I do to make today beautiful?
I will stay positive & optimistic in all situations.

Set your intention, and then read it to yourself 2-3 times so it sticks with you throughout the day...

#3 Make gratitude a daily habit

Gratitude is what holds us together when life seems to be falling apart. 

You may wonder, why just one line for gratitude?

This is because I want you to REMEMBER everything you wrote in your Beauty Journal throughout the day... 

By committing to one love task...

one positive intention...

and focusing on the one thing you are grateful for, you are more likely to actually remember and follow through.

There’s even a famous book on this philosophy called ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller.

So think of all the beautiful things you're blessed with in life...

And write down the one thing you feel most grateful for today...

What Am I Most Grateful For Today?
That I live in a safe & free country that I’m grateful to call home.


Powerful, yet simple... 

This is a one-minute morning ritual anyone can actually stick too :)


Nightly Gratitude Exercise...

Now it’s time to end the day on a positive note  byfocusing on the beauty in today. It could be something so simple...

Like watching the sunset…
Your little girl dancing in the living room…
An inspiring quote that you read... 
A loving statement or compliment that someone gave you...
or a kind and thoughtful gesture someone did for you.
Look for the little things, the small beautiful moments that we typically forget.

There's so much beauty in our world that goesunnoticed... 

There’s so much beauty in our world that goesunappreciated... 

And I know that if we took just a few minutes each day to recognize and focus on those ‘little things’, those small but beautiful moments. Our life would feel so much morefull andmeaningful.

The truth is, some days this will be easy, but other days this may feel really hard. So here’s a simple method if you’re having trouble finding something beautiful about today…


Write down 5 things you're grateful for!

This is the simplest way to use your Beauty Journal on days when you just can’t think of something to write-down. And it works wonders in shifting your mood!

Simply start with,”Today I am grateful for… “

You can even take your gratitude practice to a deeper level. Focus on what you are most grateful for today and thenwrite a paragraph about WHY you appreciate that one person or thing.


Here’s an example:

What was beautiful about today?
Today I am grateful for my home, I love that it keeps me and my family safe and warm, I love how the sunlight enters my living room, I love my big comfy couch, I love my flower garden and how beautiful it looks. I’m so blessed to call this place home.


So take your gratitude to practice to a deeper level by trying this exercise in your Beauty Journal tonight. You might feel a deeper appreciation for the things you love.


Get happy, think positive and FEEL GOOD every day with The Beauty Journal.


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