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Trust The Process

Hello beautiful,

Hope you're having a beautiful start to your week. I've been looking over some of the goals I set for myself to achieve by 2020. Some goals I successfully accomplished, some I partially accomplished, and others I have far from accomplished...

And that's OKAY :) 

Today is your reminder to start the new year right. Look at your cup as FULL... not half-empty… not half-full. Appreciate at all the baby steps you took in the right direction. Don’t get bottled up in the things you haven’t done yet.

You have not failed… 

you are not behind…

you are not too late.

This is a false perspective and belief that you can change. Who you are becoming can’t be rushed, it has to grow. 

Believe that everything is unfolding as it should.
Believe you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. 
Don’t judge and be hard on yourself for how long things are taking. 

Be appreciative of how far you’ve come, appreciate the baby steps, because progress is progress, big or small. Trust that your blessings are coming in divine timing. Trust the journey and the space that is necessary between every single step.

Remember that good things take time… 

a flower doesn’t blossom overnight, 

a tree takes decades to grow, 

so be patient with yourself

One day, when the season is right, the things that you're meant for will naturally come your way. You won’t have to chase, fight, or force them to happen. You just have to stay presentand take action in the space of love. 

Give yourself time to grow, make mistakes, learn, and try again... 

Give yourself the gift of embracing the journey and enjoying every step...

You can do this daily by writing in your Beauty Journal. It's a quick and simple way to be more positive and appreciate the little things that make life beautiful. Trust that your dreams will (and currently are) blossoming into something beautiful


Repeat (out-loud) to yourself….

Everything is working in my favour,

Even when it doesn’t seem like it. 

I will keep believing. 

I will keep trusting the process. 

I won’t be discouraged by circumstances or challenges. 

I am guided by faith & driven by hope. 

My vision is clear. I will stay strong.

- Quote by Ralph Smart


I hope this new year brings you all the blessings that you wished for, and I hope that you already realize how blessed you are NOW, and remember that beauty is a way of being. It’s about being joyful, compassionate, and appreciative of the beauty found in the present moment.


With Love & Gratitude, 

Founder of Links & Charms
Creator of The Beauty Journal

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