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How To Beauty Journal on 'Bad Days'

Let's be honest, on some days writing in your Beauty Journal is easy, but on other days, it might feel like the last thing you want to do. But if writing in your Beauty Journal is only something you see yourself doing on good days, you are missing out on the powerful part of learning, appreciating, and developing from the ‘bad days’.

It is actually the hard and challenging days that make beauty journaling so beneficial because The Beauty Journal is not about suppressing your negative thoughts. It's actually about recognizing when you are having these negative thoughts, and then transforming these negative thoughts into positivity, love and compassion.

We have to let go of negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, judgments, and fears that block us from fully living in a high vibration. But that can be hard without proper guidance. Use the Flip-Switch Technique before writing in your Beauty Journal to get you out of negative thought patterns. To help you with this process, I’ve created The Flip-Switch Help Sheet which you can download and print out.

Here's how The Flip-Switch Technique works, whenever you’re feeling down, thinking negatively, or had a bad day, take a moment to get still and ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. How am I feeling?
  2. Why am I feeling this way?
  3. What lesson can I learn from this experience?


Step 1: Come to terms with how you feel

Ask yourself - How am I feeling?

Write down what you feel is bothering you, weighing you down, or causing you pain or suffering today. Don't overcomplicate this, use one-word emotions that resonate with how you are feeling.

Example: Unhappy... Desperate... Unworthy... Anxious/Stressed

Take a deep breath in and just fully accept how you feel. This may seem unpleasant to you but the truth is that any negative feelings that show up in our body need loving attention so they can be noticed and addressed. Never resist your deepest feelings, whether positive or negative, feelings are always there for a reason and negative feelings need to be felt so that they can be released.

Focus your attention on your feelings by observing them, don't get attached or identified with the feelings you feel, observe as if you are a third-party observer. Realize that "sadness" is not you, it's just an emotion that comes and goes. If you noticed sadness is present, don't write down, "I am sad", just notice in your mind that "sadness is present" and write down each feeling present on a sheet of paper.

Example: How am I feeling?

  • Sad 
  • Desperate
  • Unworthy
  • Anxious/Stressed

Take a moment now to get still and silent, and write each feeling down.

Stop, and do it now......



Now Breathe in…. and breathe out.

Feel and allow any negativity falling away and slowly dissolving. It might help if you try to visualize these emotions leaving your body and aura. You can also Imagine all unwanted thoughts dissolving into light.

You might need to breath-in-and-out deeply several times before you begin to feel this happening, take your time, keep doing this until you start to feel those negative energies release and start to feel connected with your heart-space, imagine yourself surrounded by gentle white light, and image that light is shinning on you peace, bliss, and harmony.

When you start to feel peaceful and grounded, it's time to follow your inner guidance from that point and move to step number two...


Step 2: Realize the reason

Ask yourself - Why am I feeling this way?

One of Louise Hay's early teachers Dr. Raymond Charles barker would say “When there is a problem, there is not something to do, there is something to know.”

So the next step is to ask yourself "Why am I feeling this way?" There is always a reason for emotions to arise in our body. Bringing awareness to them is the first step to consciousness. Read the emotion that was present in your life today ask yourself "why do I feel this way" and write down the first response that shows up for you.

This will help you tap into your inner guidance. When you put pen to paper and write down how you feel, you’ll become more aware of what these emotions are trying to tell you.

Remind yourself that every negative experience you have is trying to return you back to love, by showing you where you are not fully loving yourself or trusting the flow of life.


  • Unhappy because nothing seems to be going my way today.
  • Sad because what I want is not manifesting
  • Unworthy because I feel not good enough because whatever I do doesn't seem to work out. 
  • Anxious/Stressed because I want a certain outcome/result that I have not yet attained.

Read your reasons to yourself.

Then take another breath in, and out.

You can get long, detailed, and in-depth here if you’d like. Write out a whole storyline if you have too. The deeper you go, the more clarity and insight you’ll get.

I suggest really tapping into your pain, deep hidden emotions and feelings here. Blurt it all down on paper, cry if you have too. Don’t worry about it sounding positive or negative, whatever you are feeling, let it out! Let it flow, don’t question or judge what comes up for you. As Louise Hay once said, if you want a clean house, you’ve got to see the dirt!

What you are truly feeling here needs to be fully seen & expressed.

Some people have no issues jotting down long paragraphs about what they’re feeling. Others who are not so much the journaling type may have difficulties or feel blocked doing this, if you are one of those people I suggest trying this method, it’s what I like to call the WHY Method.

It works like this, the first question you ask yourself is WHY am I feeling this way? Then you dissect the answer with another why question, and you do this at least three times.  

Keep asking WHY to every answer you write down until you can’t break it down any further…


Why am I feeling this way?

Because when Nancy called me ‘stupid’ today it hurt my self-esteem.


Why did it affect my self-esteem?

Because no body likes to be called that, and I guess because a part of me believes that what she said is true.


Why does a part of me believe what she said is true?

Because when I was a kid, I was not very good at school, I constantly needed extra time and help to learn things. It mad me feel inadequate and dumb, and I continued to believe it for many years.


Now you have gotten to the root of the problem as to why this is hurting you. Through my example above, we can see here what was bothering me was an old limiting-belief developed way back in childhood.

This is the magic of using the WHY Method. You’ve no longer shove your issues/feelings under the rug, you’ve actually looked at the dirt, and now you can clean it!

And how do you do that?

It’s all about fully feeling & expressing your truth, and choosing love at the same time.

Connect with your intuition (your inner knowing) and believe, sense, and feel that the highest and best possibilities for your life are trying to align with you (because they are). All you must do is consciously choose to embody a state of love, joy, openness, and acceptance into your being. When you do this, you are bringing loving light vibrations from your divine self into your thought process, and when you tune into these high-vibrational energies the highest and best possibilities CAN truly align with you. 

Now move to step three…


Step 3: Connect with your higher-self

Ask yourself - What can I learn from this experience?

The truth is that every negative experience that we have is trying to return us back to love. It is trying to show us where we are not fully loving ourselves or trusting the flow of life.

So once you get yourself in a more spacious energy and feel more connected with your heartspace, ask your higher self What can I learn from this experience?

The message you receive from your higher-self will always be loving, caring, understanding & supporting. If the message does not come across this way, then it’s not your higher-self. This is your ego talking.

This is the step where we choose HEART over ego. Let those negative answers go, observe them leaving your mind-space. Feel into your heart-space one more time. Focus on the heart center of the body and ask the universe for loving assistance. Reinstate that your intention is to find the beauty in this situation. And wait for an answer that is loving, caring, understanding, and supporting to show up, then write it down.

FILTER yourself through the lens of your heart. Tapping into your inner-knowing (divine intelligence) every day will help you learn to trust your journey and yourself. 

Ask yourself, What is my higher-self trying to tell me? What are you being asked to let go of? What are you being asked to release?

Here's an example of the message I once got from my higher-self while doing this exercise & what I write down...

"I know that failure is not a bad thing, it's just feedback from the universe. Every idea that doesn't work today is just a stepping stone to a better idea and greater success. I trust that the next stepping stone will be revealed to me. I have faith that things will work out better than expected."

You can also write your realization down in your Beauty Journal. For some people, beauty journaling every day is easy, but others find the nightly routine challenging, especially on hard and difficult days. 

Remember that when in sadness or in doubt - write everything out. Use the flip-switch technique whenever you're feeling down or experiencing negative emotions, you’ll get more clarity this way. 

When we get honest with ourselves and with how we feel, beautiful answers and solutions to our problems can appear.


This practice will help you release any pain, anxiety, or anger you experience and shift those feelings back to love and compassion. It will help you practice self-awareness daily and teach you to be more supportive and understanding with yourself and with others.

Life’s rejection really is God’s protection, there’s always a greater gift in our disappointments if we’re willing to find it and trust the journey. Trust that the struggle you are experiencing today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. It's revealing to you a lesson or experience you currently need to go through in order to become more aligned with your divine self.

Always remember that above the rain and clouds, the sun is always shining no matter what. It only looks dark and gloomy from a lower perspective. Rise above the storm and look for the light above the clouds. This process will not always be easy and may feel challenging and hard to do sometimes, but always remember this…

If you’re working on changing bad habits, unhealthy thought patterns, negative emotions, or toxic behaviors, know that you are healing a small part of the world by healing yourself. 

Everyone around you will benefit and they will be served by your wholeness. It’s hard sometimes, and I know you want to quit, but this is the work that ultimately changes the world.

- Emily Maroutian

When you make the choice to shift your perspective back to love, you’ll start to become mentally strong enough to handle any challenge life throws your way, because a positive perspective creates a prosperous life.

What you FEEL you attract. 

Feel the love... feel the hope... feel the good.

When you live life with a positive perspective, when you tap-in with your higher-self, you'll start to become drawn to solutions, miracles, and the positive changes you need.

You can also use The Flip-Switch Technique to shine a light on areas of your subconscious that need loving attention so you can grow, heal, and prosper. It will train you to look at things from a place of love. What’s magical about this process is that as you make this a daily habit you’ll start to feel lighter, peaceful, and more content on a daily basis. Instead of having negative thoughts and emotions control your mood and happiness you’ll start to reprogram your mind to find the good in any situation.

LOVE YOURSELF, no matter what! 

Remember that you are a vibrational being, every thought and feeling you have is vibrating on an energetic level. Vibrate POSITIVE LOVING ENERGY. Whatever negative thoughts, feelings, judgments come up today… use the flip-switch technique to flip those thoughts around and send them LOVE.

Love your mistakes, failures, setbacks, insecurities and challenges.


They were all planned and intended to help shape you into the person you are meant to be.

Start practicing The Flip-Switch Techqniue when you write in your Beauty Journal on life's tough and challenging days. When you start listening to your intuition and focusing on the good, you can easily pick yourself up and dust yourself off when you experience challenges, and you will start manifesting more positive and beautiful experiences into your daily life.

To help you with this process I've created The Flip-Switch Help Sheet. It will help you clear-out negativity before you go to bed and help you to end your day with a positive mindset.


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