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Taking a moment out of our day to feel a sense of gratitude is key to feeling blessed & abundant.  The Beauty Journal was designed to instill a sense of gratitude  mindfulness - compassion & positivity into your daily life… in just 5 minutes a day.

By practicing gratitude daily, you'll begin to ease your stress & worries & silence that negative voice in your head simply by focusing on the good in your life. 

Best of all, The Beauty Journal is a gratitude, self-love, and memory journal all in one. With over 250 pages of inspiring quotes, daily love tasks, weekly commitments, self-reflections, and space to store your beautiful moments. It's the simplest way to be happier, think positive & feel good every day. 

Using the Beauty Journal will shift your mindset from lack to abundance. When you practice this daily, you'll be able to attract more beauty into your life than you could ever imagine. 

 A 5-minute daily journal activity to help shift you out of negativity and into a state of optimism & gratitude, both morning and night.

weekly reflection to bring awareness upon your present habits, attitudes & actions. This will help you recognize what lessons you have learned and what message the universe is trying to give you. 

 A weekly commitment to help give you confidence, inspiration, and guidance to start the new week right.

 The Beauty Journal will bring you into a state of love & gratitude daily. It's a simple self-care practice for busy people dedicated to becoming their best-self & bringing more love to the world daily.

Memories are sacred. The beauty journal allows you to write down the small beautiful moments that happen to you daily. 

By using your beauty journal you are reprogramming your mind to focus on the beauty of each day, you are connecting with your heart space, and you are creating a time capsule of all the beautiful moments in your life so you can go back ten or twenty years from now and recall your memories as if they happened yesterday. 

Marvel at the small moments, 

enjoy the little things, 

life is so beautiful when you really look...

 It's time for the world to recognize that it’s the little things in life that make life beautiful. 

 The Beauty Journal is the place to store life’s beautiful moments. It reminds you to focus on the good in your life everyday, 

Don't let life's magical moments pass you by, now you have a way of remembering every beautiful moment like it happened yesterday. As you write down your beautiful moment, don’t just think about it, step into that experience and savor it –fill yourself up with the love, peace, and joy you felt in that moment. You will end each journal entry with a feeling of  contentment & appreciation.  

Make gratitude a daily habit.

Making gratitude a daily habit is key to positive change & success. There have been several research studies that have shown gratitude improves your mental, emotional, and physical health. Which is why The Beauty Journal will help you release your stress & health issues, while developing a positive mindset daily.

Here are just some of the ways you'll benefit from using this journal:

Every day you write in your Beauty Journal you are calming your mind, nurturing your soul, and raising your awareness.  

Read about the R Method's Below
Read about the R Method's Below
Receive a digital copy of The Beauty Journal with a pledge of $1 +
Receive a digital copy of The Beauty Journal with a pledge of $1 +

 Create a time capsule of memories...

By writing in your Beauty Journal daily you're creating a time capsule of all the beautiful moments, blessings & experiences in your life. When you look back and read it 10 or 20 year’s from now, you'll get to relive those beautiful moments that you totally forgot about, you'll realize how much you’ve learned, how much you've grown, and how much you've changed over the years.  One day, you may even want to pass down your beauty journal to someone close to you so that they can get to know you better.

A picture can say a lot about a story, but it can’t express your feelingsthoughts & sensations the way writing from the heart can. The beauty journal gets you in a positive mind state, it allows you to store specific memories of your travel experiences, and takes just 5 minutes a day. That's why this journal makes the perfect travel companion. 

I keep a seperate beauty journal just for traveling, which I can look back on years from now and reflect on all my beautiful travel memories. 

Take this journal with you while you travel, when you look back on it 10 or 20 years from now, I promise you’ll be very glad you did. 

Use The Beauty Journal when you travel
Use The Beauty Journal when you travel

 Give a Beauty Journal to someone you love to remind them that they're beautiful. 

 Buy 2 Beauty Journals and you'll receive 40% OFF your 2nd journal.

Human beings have a natural tendency to forget things, most of the time we can’t even recall specific things that happen to us. This is called memory decay.

Unfortunately, this can happen to our most beautiful memories.

After a period of time, beautiful memories can slip from our minds, become hazy, or go completely forgotten. The good news is that years from now, when you go back and read your beauty journal, you’ll create a trigger in your brain's memory, allowing you to easily recall each memory and remember it as if it happened yesterday.

It’s a beautiful way to look back on your life and see how much you’ve grown, changed, and developed into the person you are today. 

You’ll realize how life is always filled with small sacred moments.

Taking a moment out of your day to feel a sense of presence & gratitude is the key to feeling truly fulfilled & wealthy.

The Beauty Journal has 2 daily sections: morning routine and a night routine

Morning Routine: In the morning after you wake, use your Beauty Journal to start your day beautifully.

  • An inspiring daily quote to remind you to recognize the beauty in today.
  • A love task that changes daily, designed to bring more joy & compassion into your day.
  • A question to get you to create a positive intention for today.
  • A focus on gratitude to get you in an appreciative & abundant state of mind.

Night RoutineBefore you go to bed, use your Beauty Journal to end your day beautifully.

  •  A beautiful experience, reminder, or moment encapsulated into this journal. 

It doesn’t matter what you find beautiful. It could be a beautiful moment you experienced or you can simply list the things you are grateful for today. What matters is that by shifting your focus to optimism and gratitude, you begin to silence your inner critic. 

This shift in perspective creates space for your highest self to shine in your life. 

Words have the power to uplift, transform, and inspire yourself and those around you. Allow yourself to feel the energy of each daily quote, love task, and in every word you write down in your beauty journal. Allow yourself to receive their inspiration, guidance, and realizations.

I suggest leaving your beauty journal by your nightstand as it makes it so easy to write in it both morning & night.

The Beauty Journal only takes 5 minutes a day. It's a habit that everyone could make time for, and is simple to use. 

It’s perfect for those who love the idea of journaling but never get around to it. By the end of this journal, you will have read over 250 pages of inspiring quotes, daily love tasks, and created a time capsule of many beautiful moments in your life. 

8 X 5.5 INCHES
8 X 5.5 INCHES

The beauty journal was designed with quality in mind. It's both protective and compact. Allowing you to easily store it in your purse or handbag without worrying about it getting damaged. 

Black Fabric Hardcover - Extra Durable Binding - 256 Pages
Black Fabric Hardcover - Extra Durable Binding - 256 Pages

The Beauty Journal will last you 6 months of daily journaling

Inside Cover - The Beauty Journal Manifesto
Inside Cover - The Beauty Journal Manifesto

For every beauty journal sold a tree will be planted.

Small things make a big difference. The beauty journal is committed to having a positive impact on the world in more ways than one.  As a means to balance our carbon footprint a tree will be planted for every Beauty Journal book sold through One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring our rainforests and natural environment. 

Some days, writing in your Beauty Journal will be easy, other days, it truly might feel like the last thing you want to do. We all experience these 'bad days'; challenging days that feel like nothing good happened...

But how often do you take time to reflect on these negative experiences and turn them into something positive and empowering? 

The truth is the critical mind is always searching for what’s wrong (even though there’s always something to appreciate). We can easily get consumed by judgment, negative thoughts and unhealthy mindsets. But the good news is there’s always beauty to be found in every life situation. 

The 5R Method (pg.19) will help silence that inner critic and deprogram your negative thought patterns so that you can live an extraordinary life guided by love. 

Through the 5R Method you will learn that even difficult days have their blessings. You’ll realize that even the moments of hardship turned out to be powerful tools for growth and change. When you make the commitment to shift your perspective in an empowering way you’ll become mentally strong enough to handle any challenge that shows up in life. 

If you keep doing this consistently you will actually rewire your mind to find the good in every situation -you'll subconsciously become a more positive & optimistic person.

5R's of Reflection (Page 19-22)
5R's of Reflection (Page 19-22)

What’s magical about this process is that as you practice this daily you will start to feel freer, lighter, and more content. Creating a happier and healthier you. 

Your business, relationships, creativity, and health all require your love and compassion. This is how you master self-love. 

Gratitude is the simple solution to emotional suffering. 


Creating positive habits is so important to lasting change and development. 

The Beauty Journal reminds you daily to disconnect from all of your responsibilities, tasks, and worries and just be present for 5 minutes each day.

When you get into the habit of being present & grateful, your world transforms....

- it improves your overall attitude & outlook, 

- it helps you become more patient & mindful, 

- and helps you connect with the world around you.

By making it a habit to write in your journal daily you become a more positive and appreciative person as you begin focusing on the good found in everyday life. 

And it's the perfect way to remind yourself to be grateful for the little things daily.

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