The Beauty Journal

  • The Beauty Journal Full-Version PDF [EBOOK]

    Go paperless with The Beauty Journal ebook. The Beauty Journal helps you focus on the little things that make life beautiful. It's a gratitude, self-love, and memory journal all in one.

    Downloadable full-version PDF to use on your iPad or smartphone.

  • Over 250 pages to last you 6 months of daily journaling.  

  • You'll also get access to an app that allows you easily type in your ebook on a mobile or tablet device.

  • The app allows you to do the following:

    • Type directly in every page of the ebook
    • When you reopen the journal on the app it will instantly bring you back to the last page you were on.
    • You can bookmark specific pages of the journal
    • You can save & download your Beauty Journal content at any time

  • **BONUS:  Free High-Quality Beauty Journal Manifesto (Print-Friendly PDFs) Size: A1 (60x90cm) 
  • A downloadable PDF link will be emailed to you within 1 hour of purchase.
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