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Hi, I'm Brittany, I am the founder of Links & Charms Jewelry. Links & Charms was created with one concept in mind - to remind woman that they're beautiful.  I really believe that words have the power to inspire, uplift and change someone's life. And I'm a pretty big fan of sentimental gifts, I love receiving thoughtful gifts, and I love giving meaningful gifts that touch people's heart. Read more about my story below to learn why I created Links & Charms.



"Whether it’s a gift for a mother, daughter, sister or friend, every woman deserves a reminder of how beautiful she is."
Brittany, Founder of Links & Charms  


Did you know that less than 10% of woman consider themselves beautiful?
I get sad just thinking of this.
That means that 9 out of 10 women don't feel beautiful in their own skin.
Even though every woman has something beautiful about them, so many of us don’t see it.
We don't see our worth,
We don't see our beauty,
We forget how much we matter to those who love us and how much joy we bring them.
I know because I struggled to see my own beauty for years and know many amazing & truly beautiful women who have struggled with seeing theirs too.
When I came across a study that determined that over 90% of woman don't see themselves as beautiful. I really felt upset. Actually, I found it absolutely unacceptable.
To me, this is just not okay.
If women are not fully loving themselves or embracing who they are - that's a big problem. It blocks us from becoming the extraordinary, self-loving, confident women we were meant to be.
A little voice in my head said that I had to do something about this. I wanted to help women see their beauty, and remind them that they are brilliant, extraordinary and beautiful just as they are.
I thought to myself, how can I help women feel more beautiful?
In a world that constantly reminds us that we should be more pretty, more thin, more sexy, and with the media that manipulates our perception of beauty. How can I possibly make a difference?


I think one of the reasons I felt so passionate about this issue is because I also went through years of criticizing myself, being at war with my body, and not feeling confident in my own skin.
But sometimes, the smallest compliment would make me feel a whole lot better.


At some point, we all need a bit of inspiration to remind us that we are loved, cherished & beautiful. And that was the spark that became Links & Charms.


Our mission is to remind women that they're loved & that they're beautiful.
It’s a really simple concept. But I think it’s the simple things in life that make a world of difference.
Sometimes it's hard to find a gift that truly shows how much someone means to you, and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to put into words how much you love someone.
We like to make that easy.
Every Links & Charms gift includes a “You’re Beautiful” sentiment card inside our signature black gift box with a beautiful inspiring message inside.
A message to remind a woman you love that they are brilliant, breathtaking & beautiful.
It’s a simple yet meaningful way to surprise someone close to you. Or someone far away.
Just choose a piece of jewelry that reflects her beauty. We package it all together & ship your gift straight to her door. You can even include your own personal message inside.


Just picture the expression on her face when she receives it. 


It's pretty much guaranteed to make her smile :)
We promise it will make her day, and also yours, a lot more beautiful.


Because it really is the simple things in life that can lift someone's spirit, brighten someone's day, and create more love & connection in the word.
And what better gift to give someone than a gift that symbolizes the love, light, & beauty they bring to your life?
Because whether it’s a gift for a mother, daughter, sister, or someone very special. Every woman deserves a reminder of how beautiful she is.





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